I see that last blog post I wrote about Bravo. He really was the horse of my dreams. I knew when I got him that he had soundness issues, but I hoped to be able to deal with them. I tried for about six months, but his attitude about being ridden was deteriorating along with his comfort level. I gave him to my vet’s wife because I knew she could keep him comfortable and she offered to give him a permanent home as a pasture pet.

So here I am again, horseless and yearning. I have two lovely horses in training, which keeps me in the saddle. I love them both but they are not the caliber of horse a professional’s horse needs to be for competition.

As much as I would like a show horse for myself, my most pressing need right now is a school horse. I am considering two different mares for the task, both rescues, both with various issues (but sound). That will be great to finally have a school horse of my own. I have so many potential students waiting for me to have a horse for them to ride.

And I am so incredibly busy right now because my first (actually second, but that’s a long story…well, third if I’m going to be really technical about it) novel is going to be published! Not self-published, which to my old sensibilities is anathema, but traditionally published by a real publishing house! And guess what? It has absolutely nothing to do with dressage, riding or horses at all. No horses appear in the story. I have another story I’m working on that is set in a dressage barn, but that’s down the road. I’m still finishing my second science fiction novel right now. It’s a labor of love, but it is going to be a monster tome when I’m finished.

So if you are reading this, thank you, and send me some good school horse vibes.