I didn’t end up with the fellow in California. Instead, I was looking at some horses for a student, and stumbled across the (literal) horse of my dreams. OMG! I can’t believe my luck! Bravario, or Bravo as he is known, is a 17.1 hh Swedish warmblood gelding. He’s 10 years old, blood bay and just as pretty as they come. Head over to the Gallery to see him!

He’s schooling 3rd level and is just the most sensitive, balanced, and best moving horse I have ever had. What a great present for my 60th birthday! I may not achieve my medals this year, but he and I will most definitely get to Grand Prix. He has more talent in one front hoof than all my previous horses combined!

Bravo thinks only of food and treats. But he also thinks he is a golden retriever. He has no concept of his size. I just love riding him and every ride is an epiphany for me. I’ve had a few lessons on him and I never get over how incredibly powerful and light he is. He is making me a better rider.

Most of my students have had a chance to take him for a spin and they all just love him. He’s pulled school horse duty a few times, although his sensitivity and power, coupled with his size, tend to be intimidating to most. That’s OK. He’s my boy and we are good.