I have had a blog previously. It still exists: A Voice in the Rain. I haven’t updated it or posted anything new in over a year I’m sure. I need to get on that. This blog is specific to my other passion – other besides writing – dressage. I’ve been teaching, riding and training horses for over forty years, but focusing on dressage for about twenty-seven of those years. I’ve participated in clinics with some of the best in the world and I never stop trying to learn. Because I specialize in adult amateur riders and those new to dressage, I have developed a style and curriculum that make dressage easier to understand. Dressage is hard, make no mistake. But it doesn’t have to be impossible and it doesn’t have to take years just to get to second level. Second level seems to be the holy grail for a lot of adult amateurs for some reason. In my experience, all horses (with the exception of gaited breeds perhaps) can be trained to the competitive equivalent of 4th level. There is no reason why not. Would they all be competitive in the show ring? Probably not, but there is nothing up to that point that the average horse cannot do well enough to improve him. Over the course of this blog, I will cover those topics that I have learned bring the most frustration and angst to lower level riders. I welcome comments and questions. I don’t welcome snark, but reasonable and polite debate is good for the sport. Lay it on me. Check back once a month or so for new installments.